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World Peace

Jan Lakshya Society believe that world peace can only be achieved if we first establish peace within our minds. The idea is that anger and other negative states of mind are the cause of wars and fighting. JLS believe people can live in peace and harmony only if we abandon negative emotions such as anger in our minds and cultivate positive emotions such as love and compassion. World peace is an ideal of freedom,peace and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. World peace is an idea of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare. It is the motto of our heart, that violence, destruction and bloodshed Should end….Peace and Brotherhood should prevail Everywhere

Who does not love peace ? Man used to sacrifice his life in search of peace. But today, he is going away from it. Everywhere capitalization has made peace even farther from us. Today, earth, oceans and sky all are unpeaceful. Due to his selfishness and hate, caste, religion, richness and poorness has divided people.Inspite of us having the message of world peace in every era, the number of people practicing it have diminished. As long as this struggle ends, peace will not prevail. We must understand that humanity is the biggest religion. No religion is bigger that human welfare. There may be different cultures, colors, food habits, and clothing but the path towards global welfare is only one. Man should leave the path of violence and instead should adopt the path of peace.

JLS will work towards making the society aware and it will be our effort to make everybody in the society like single pearls in a chain which means they should adopt the path of peace and coordinate with love. Jan lakshya society (JLS) is the first lamp lit by those who did not believe in cursing the darkness,they dared to hold fire in their hands,determined to dig out spring from stones.In an age of ignorance,neglect and denial on the issue of child servitude,these ordinary, youth had a vision to see beyond heavens. Equipped with a strong will to demolish age-old myths and misconceptions about child labour,they fought mighty criminals,slave masters and mafia with exemplary courage. “for the advance and prosperous world,save nature and child and bring everyone together with the feeling of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam and provide a platform for thr committed people who have a sprit of welfare.”

“Vasudhaiv bring together & evoke sence of Kutumbakam.”

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