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Founder's Visions

JAN LAKSHYA SOCIETY (JLS) is the first lamp lit by those who didn't believe in cursing the darkness, they dared to hold fire in their hands, determined to dig out spring from stones. In an age of ignorance, neglect and denial on the issue of child servitude, these ordinary youth had a vision to see beyond heavens.

Equipped with a strong will to demolish age-old myths and misconceptions about child labor, they fought mighty criminals, slave masters and mafia with exemplary courage.

“For the advance and prosperous world, save nature and child and bring everyone together with the feeling of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam and provide a platform for the committed people who have a spirit of welfare.”

"Vashudhaiv bring together & evoke a sense of Kutumbkam."

Founder's Mission

Jan lakshya Society ‘s main objective is save the world.As we could understand that present age life is devoid of public welfare and social thinking .We are running in an arms race.Today earth ,water and atmosphere all are here for sale,they are being exploted.We are forgetting enviorment and peace.

Jan lakshya Society ‘s endeavor would be to awaken the public awareness to change social equality so that peaceful world may be developed.

JLS’s principle is “Save The World Movement “ because the problem generated by us areworld wide and whole world.

The mission of JAN LAKSHYA SOCIETY (JLS) is to implement viable solutions and provide support to the disadvantaged, in the areas of education, empowerment, environment , child labour ,human rights, victim assistance, trafficking and world peace.

JLS also works to create alliances and networks to leverage capabilities and maximize reach and impact, in the most efficient, effective and transparent manner.

  • To promote, encourage knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of nature.
  • To propagate eco-technology to enhance efficient resource use
  • To undertake pilot projects for demonstration of viable developmental options
  • To promote and provide training, research and publication on environment
  • To promote community action for socio-economic and eco-development
  • To disseminate information through workshops, conferences, audiovisuals etc.
  • To remove gender disparity, child labour, promote equity and social harmony
  • To collaborate with like-minded institutions in creating network.

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Jan Lakshya Society, Main Head Office
Siddhartha nagar railway crossing ,

G.T. Road Bhongaon (205262)

Mainpuri U.P. India

Mobile No : +91 - 8588944031

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