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Jan Lakshya Society (JLS) is an Indian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) was founded In year 2015 by Adarsh Adarsh Kumar & Rahul Gupta in Delhi . Adarsh Kumar has since become an anti-child labour activist. Adarsh Kumar started out with a small group of friends, the issue environment, child education and civic issues. This is the main reason we established Jan Lakshya Society in year 2015, non-government organization, non-political, a grass roots initiative, involvement and development among some areas in Uttar Pradesh like Social problems, Child Labour, poverty, environmental, economical, war, drugs, trafficking ,civic issues,victim assistance and so on, these became our problems, not an environment caused these disasters, Of course problem will keep coming but we will not just sit still, but we want to solve the problems with the limited ability that we have.

Jan lakshya Society is a stage where students, social workers and youth power is consisted. This organization will try to do work related to social system. It will also be the goal of this organization to awaken the common man about social agendas. It is the work of this organization to see ,understand the problems contained in the society and to make people understand that they themselves could bring about a change by making small change in their daily life. Today now Jan Lakshya Society is not just a simple organization. Jan Lakshya Society will work with people of social group, caste, religion and state.
Jan Lakshya Society will be called (jls in short ). JLS’s monogram consist of green leaf’s which represent the greenery and development of this nature. The two hand will represent organization and brotherhood and 24 blue sticks will represent that the youth will remain 24 hours in the service of the nation .

The circle surrounding the sticks will represent that the organization is like a family and will remain together.

Our catch up line will be……………………


Which means if people help each other, then development for all will be possible faster. Jan lakshya Society ‘s main objective is save the world.As we could understand thatpresent age life is devoid of public welfare and social thinking .We are running in an arms race.Today earth ,water and atmosphere all are here for sale,they are being exploted.We are forgetting enviorment and peace. Jan lakshyaSociety ‘sendeavor would be to awaken the public awareness to change social equality so that peaceful world may be developed. JLS’s principle is “save the world movement “ because the problem generated by us are worldwide.

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Jan Lakshya Society, Main Head Office
Siddhartha nagar railway crossing ,

G.T. Road Bhongaon (205262)

Mainpuri U.P. India

Mobile No : +91 - 8588944031

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